Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pericos Mexican Grill in Wiggins

Traveling around South Mississippi you come across all sorts of intersting places to eat. Today I was passing through Wiggins and decided to find somewhere to take in a late lunch. I stopped in at the new location of Perico's Mexican Grill. The lunch crowd was thinning out and they were not terribly busy.

They have an extensive menue of Tex-Mex and a few more traditional Mexican items on the menu. I saw a dish that you don't see too often in establishments around South Mississippi - Huevos con chorizo.

It's traditional dish that is pretty simple and straight forward eggs and chorizo (Mexican/Spanish sausage) scrambled together and served with re-fried beans and Spanish rice.

My server brought out the obligatory chips and salsa, the salsa was about average and the chips were good and fresh.

In addition to the huevos con chorizo, I ordered a tamale. The tamale was better than average and the chili sauce served over it was a nice compliment and quite good.

There was a wait for the main course, but that's fine. Lets me know that weren't just taking it out of a box and putting into a microwave.

The texture and flavor of the Huevos and chorizo was very good, it was a more traditional Spanish (hard) style chorizo than what you find in most grocery stories in the States.

The beans and rice were good, not great. But the heuvos con chorizo was much better than I expected, you never really know what you're going to get at a small town place, but I would recommend Pericos'.

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