Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Alumni House

Having been to the original Alumni House in Ridgeland, I was pretty excited when the one here in Hattiesburg opened. But, having been there three times now, I have such mixed reviews.

Unrealized potential is how I sum up the Alumni House at this point.

I love the concept, I really like the atmosphere and the building is great, loaded with all sort of sports memorabilia, tons of TV's and it's always really clean.

The food has always better than average, and they have reasonable drink prices. I have pretty much liked every thing I have ordered there from the wings to the shrimp po-boys to the nachos, ect.

They're pricey, not overboard, but they have got to get a handle on their service. I've never been in a place where so many employees seem to be walking around not doing anything, and then it takes forever to get service. If they ever get your order taken, the kitchen gets it out pretty quickly, but you never know when they'll be back to refill your beverage and the like. And while you can hardly waive down a waitress, over eager busboys will snatch a plate, with half your meal on it, before you even realize that they've come by the table.

This afternoon I met a colleague there to watch a little baseball and I honestly agreed to go hoping that I would find improved service from the waitstaff.
I really want to like this place and right now, the food, which is good, is not enough to overcome the sub-par service that I have sadly come to expect.

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  1. Never heard of it. Is is close to USM? Great review.

  2. It's pretty close to USM, it's very close to the new Grand Theater.

  3. We had the SAME issues with the wait-staff when we visited. I'll never eat there again. The food was not good enough to me to overcome the service.

  4. The original AH in Ridgeland is closed, mainly due to the same issues that you have mentioned. I know a lot of people involved with AH, and trust me, it's only a matter of time before AH Pearl, MS and AH Hattiesburg are gone. The owners are ignorant, the management is pathetic, and the employees just don't care. The Alumni House as a whole is a failure of epic proportions...