Saturday, May 30, 2009

Angus Jack's Steakhouse

The wife and I dined at Angus Jack's Steakhouse for the first time on Friday night. I had heard from several friends that it good, and I love a good steak. It's located in the old Cane Creek Seafood building, and is a bit off the beaten path located on Lakeview Rd.

Upon arriving the only change to the outside of the building was the sign. Cane Creek had been open for about 20 years and was a good seafood place, but was often kind of forgotten because of the location. The parking lot was quite full when we arrived and I considered that a positive.

We were seated promptly and within a couple of minutes our waitress was at the table. Service was very good and our server was polite and attentive. She offered the specials which included a Ribeye Dinner for two and a seafood platter.

We decided on the Ribeye Dinner for two, which included two 12 oz. ribeye's, two salads, two sides, garlic bread and a dessert to share all for $40.00.

We both ordered our steaks medium, I choose the loaded baked potato and selected the home made blue cheese dressing for my salad.

The presentation of the meal was simple, kind of like a traditional 1970's steakhouse, with the stainless steel warmer platters, the salads in simple bowls the garlic bread was served on mini-cutting boards with honey butter.

The salad was a simple steakhouse staple of iceberg lettuces, red onions, tomatoes, and a mild pepper chino. The blue cheese dressing was surprisingly good with large chunks of blue cheese and good flavor.

My steak was nicely grilled, not over or undercooked. It was trimmed and didn't have enough fat or gristle to really mention. The beef they serve is dry aged and has been aged for at least 21-days. It has that distinct dry-age flavor that I enjoy. They used a Chicago style dry rub on the steaks while cooking, I didn't even think of asking for steak sauce for my cut, because it simply was not needed nor wanted.

My loaded baked potato was a bit over-cooked, but hey when you have a good steak you almost forget you even have a side.

We shared a large slice of turtle cheesecake, I am almost positive it was not home-made, but it was decent and the presentation with drizzled chocolate and caramel sauce was quite nice.

My experience was positive with Angus Jack's, I won't tell you that it's the best steak in town, because you can get better in Hattiesburg, but I am not sure if you can get a better value on a good steak in Hattiesburg.

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  1. Did know that was there...sounds good...thanks!

  2. I love this place especially their Baked Brie app. I usually get the NY strip but I've heard the bone-in filet is their best.

  3. my husban and i drove from laurel saturday 5/8/10 he was taking me out for mothers day we were looking so foward to the new york strips for 2 got down there at 5;oo pm no soul in site it was such a let down why was it closed ther no note on door or aything