Monday, June 15, 2009

Ray Ray's Fried Chicken

This afternoon I was in a rush for lunch and hit the drive-thru at Ray Ray's Fried Chicken on Old Hwy 11 in Oak Grove. Having heard mixed reviews I wanted to give it a try myself.

I ordered the three piece mixed dinner with two sides - mac and cheese and red beans and rice.

I got a wing, thigh and leg in the box. Was kind of disappointed that it didn't include a breast. The chicken was better than average with a nicely flavored breading, it had flavor, but I wouldn't call it spicy. It was hot just out of the fryer. The chicken was juicy, but not overly greasy, usually a sign of being cooked at a high temperature.

The mac and cheese was actually pretty good while the red beans left something to be desired.

It's pretty good fried chicken, not saying it's anything like mama makes, but I'd probably take it over most of the national chains. It's a bit on the pricey side but I kind of expected it considering the location.

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