Sunday, April 26, 2009

La Fiesta Brava

While attending school La Fiesta Brave became a regular hang-out for my group of friends. Last week a few friends came back to town and we took in "the Brava" at the new location near the Grand Theatre. This was the first time that I've been to the west location since it moved into the current building. I usually dine at the University location on Hwy 49.

I was surprised at the d├ęcor which was much nicer than the old west location or the University location. Bright, open with large tables and wide booths. They were busy as I have come to expect the the service was quick and efficient.

I ordered a staple – the Big Burrito which is a giant stuffed with rice, beans, beef and chicken. The massive burrito is then covered with their signature white cheese sauce and chili con carne sauce. This burrito is pushing two pounds, I've seen big guys not come close to finishing it, although I've never seemed to have that problem.

The Big Burrito can be a bit inconsistent and can change a little in what comes stuffed inside depending on who's in the kitchen, but it's a safer bet than drinking the water in Tijauna. Sometimes it could be a little more chicken or maybe you'll find some steak strips instead of the usual ground beef, but it's all good, it's a 2-pound burrito for $7.

I won't pretend that "the Brava" is authentic Mexican fare, it's pretty much Tex/Mex in the tradition that most American pallets have forced them into being. I won't say that it's the best Mexican in Hattiesburg, or even really good Mexican, but it's an old favorite that I still enjoy from time to time. "The Brava" won't win many culinary awards, but hey, it brings back a lot of memories.

To be honest the best part was probably catching up with some of my best friends from college.

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  2. Sorry I deleted prev post cause I miss read and thought you were talking of another. Still I like La Fiesta Brava but MK best. Margaritas are really good there. Chow!

  3. There's tons of places better than "the Brava" but as I said in my revised entry, it was nice to get together with a bunch of friends that I used to hit "the Brava" with back in college.

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