Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A & B Discount Grocery and Chinese Take-out

Today I picked-up take-out from one of Hattiesburg's most unique establishments A & B Discount Chinese Take-out. A combination of discount grocery, Asian market, and Chinese restaurant, A &B looks like the divest of dive take-out joints, but don't like the view from the street keep you from going inside and placing an order. They've got a modest dining area with about a eight or so booths and the place is usually full at lunch.

Today I was in a rush so I ran in for some take out. I've had it a couple of times and have never been disappointed with anything I've ordered. Their shrimp fried rice is much better than the average. Today I just ordered a couple of egg rolls and an order of six cream cheese ragoons.

The egg rolls were hot, crispy and very fresh. The texture was great and they were served with a high quality sweet and sour sauce. It was not a typical duck sauce, it had a little spice to balance out the sweet, a pleasant surprise.

The cream cheese ragoons may be the best in Hattiesburg. A & B keeps their fryers hot enough to create the crispy outside while the inside remains moist and flavorful. They're hand-made and larger than what you see at the buffet places.

It's hard to beat the low prices that A & B charges for their lunch specials and really all the items on their menu.

This little hole in the wall is one of Hattiesburg's best kept secrets. Plus, they carry items for cooking Asian cuisine that you can't find in many places like fish sauce, oyster sauce, Thai chili sauce and other Asian staples.

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  1. Does the discount grocery store just have Asian items, or does it have other things as well?

  2. It has a variety of items, from fish sauce to diapers, to paper products....it's one of the most interesting, unique establishments in Hattiesburg.

  3. My husband and I agree that A&B Discount Groceries has good food to eat and a small grocery store jammed packed with most of the staples you need in your kitchen plus some little toys and candies and things for kids. It is a hole in the wall but clean and friendly.

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