Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lunch Buffet at Strick's

I am usually not a buffet fan, but there are a few exceptions and Strick's is one of them. Today I had lunch with some friends at the Original Strick's on 4th Street. The Strickland Family has owned and operated Strick's for years and it's become a lunch staple for an interesting group of college students, professionals, blue collar workers and an unusually large number of mail carriers.

This was only the second time I had been in since the renovations after Katrina, and the atmosphere is nice and kind of makes me feel at home. Yes, I am a redneck at heart...

Today their Southern comfort buffet featured several home style vegetables including small lima beans, butter beans, collard greens, fried squash and creamed corn. They buffet also included fried chicken, smoked chicken, smoked ribs and sausage.

I got a couple of veggies, a smoked chicken breast and a couple of ribs. The veggies were very good, fresh, hot and seasoned well. I used some of the pepper sauce on the baby lima bean. The fried squash was a little over cooked and got a little "mushy".

The smoked meats were the highlight of the meal. I'll be the first to say I really don't care much for the BBQ that Strick's makes, but they do a great job with their smoker. The chicken was tender and cooked to near perfection. The ribs were good, not great but good. If only I could sneak in a little of my favorite BBQ sauce it would be great.

On a side note, they have great sweet tea!

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  1. There are two great BBQ places in Hattiesburg to eat. One is Strick's but the other is Rose's. Strick's is in town and has a great buffet with down home food. The meats, biscuits, desserts, salads are great. My one complaint is the buffet is served only lunch.

    Rose's in south of Hattiesburg, has their smokehouse in front of their building for all to smell their wonderful meats smoking. It's not so much a hole in the wall restaurant, as a Southern icon of the way BBQ use to and should be done. Their coleslaw is great and even better when on top of pulled pork or beef in a sandwich.

    Don't let the combination gas station/ smokehouse, grubby exterior keep you from going in to Rose's and ordering take-out or dine in. It is a warm, homey place to eat, visit with friends or even make some new friends. Although the place looks small, they cater all over the state to large companies and groups. Personally, I think Rose's has the best BBQ but because of its location (on the extreme south side of town) we don't go there as often as we do Strick's. But, if you're driving to or from the Coast, stop by Rose's, just for a snack and check it out. Plus the prices are very reasonable.

  2. Strick's BBQ sauce is god-awful. They should really revamp & change it up. They have the potential to be good but that sauce it just HORRIBLE!