Friday, August 14, 2009

Fox's Pizza Den - Oak Grove

As a rule I generally don't review chain restaurants, but I've had a number of emails asking me to give Fox's Pizza Den, in Oak Grove, a try. This afternoon work had me in the area and I took in lunch.

A little back ground info, the origional Fox's opened in Pitcairn, Pennsylvania in 1971 and since then has spread across the country. They're just beginning to show up in Mississippi. They have two in the Hattiesburg area, the one in Oak Grove and according to their website, there is one in Sumrall.

I arrived after the lunch rush was over and the place was about 1/3 full, local franchisees Robbie and Sonya Gates were hard at work making sure things were running smoothly. One thing that really impressed me was that while I was there, at some point either Robbie or Sonya (or both) went to each table and thanked the patrons for their business. I know that's something pretty small and simple, but it made a big impression on this blogger.

Having heard good things about the "Wedgie's" I decided on the Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Wedgie.

This may be one of the most unique sandwiches I've come across, it's basically a pizza crust that has been baked fairly crispy, cut in half, layed with meats, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato, then folded over and cut in half again.

I'm not sure this photo dose it justice, this is a big sandwich. It's made from a 9" pizza crust (they also offer a 6").

The beef in this particular wedgie was sliced roast beef, and not too thin either, they give you a good portion of roast beef in this thing. The bacon was crispy the veggie's were fresh, but they could have used about half as much lettuce as was piled on mine.

I don't think I can give much of a food snob review of a Wedgie, I liked it. It was hot, the crusts were fresh baked, the meats were flavorful, the cheese was high quality and the veggies were fresh.

I had a sweet tea with my meal and it was satisfactory.

Readers know that I love to save money and Fox's makes it easy, check out these coupons you can right on your computer - Fox's Coupons. Wish I had found them before I went in...

Fox's moves way up on my list of chain's. I don't know if all Fox's are run like this one, but the Gates are doing something right!

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